Emerson B52hco Hand Carved Oak Blades 21.25-inch Long 7-inch Wide Oak Set Of 5

   Emerson Hand-Carved Accessory Blade Set #B52HCO. Set of 5 Fan Blades, Oak. For a truly unique custom styled fan, consider the beauty of hand carved wood blades. Designed to fit any Emerson fan featuring the B52 hole pattern. Compatible with any Emerson B52 Series Fans - fans with B52 Hole Pattern. (Fits Emerson fans that accept B42 or B52 blades) NOT compatible with Blade Select, Y52, St. Here's a list of compatible fan Models - model # must match exactly : CF220 - Julianne CF240 - Vinings CF2400 - Athenian CF2605 - Raphael CF2680 - Raphael Tiffany CF3900 - Apollo CF4500 - Crown CF4800 -...
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